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 12.01.2015 Education and external factors

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PostSubject: 12.01.2015 Education and external factors   Wed Jan 13, 2016 12:48 am

#SocialScience #Education #ExternalFactors #BBCNewsEducation

Education is one of agents of socialisation within our society. It is secondary socialisation, a bridge between primary socialisation (family) and society where it teaches the relevant skills we need for surviving in the contemporary society: we need to be organised and work hard in workplace. (Parsons).

Previous researches have shown that many factors can influence student's academic achievement: Internal factors where factors from inside of a school such as institutional racism and external factors where factors from outside of school such as family attitudes.

Recent research have found our academic achievements are related to the place we are living in. (Please click HERE for more details)

Hence, the aims for this discussion are:

  1. Identify two external factors and two internal factors that can influence academic achievements.

  2. Read this article (BBC News: School Grades 'linked to where you live')

    a. Identify the method(s) they used. 

    b. Evaluate the method(s) they used and if possible, suggest an alternative method they can use for their investigation.
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12.01.2015 Education and external factors
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