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 [29.12.2015]UK Floods

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Post[29.12.2015]UK Floods

Flooding has always been a problem to United Kingdom. It is always one of nightmares in everyone's mind.

According to Oxford Dictionaries [Online]
Flooding or flood is referred to:

  • cover or submerge (an area) with water in a flood
  • fill or suffuse completely
  • arrive in overwhelming amounts or quantities

The following is a list of updates in UK Flooding:
UK floods: Environment Agency chief attacked amid reports of Caribbean trip
The Guardian Updates in Flooding

There are a lot of factors that can cause flooding.
However, some people have use immigration as a scapegoat for flooding occurrence is not acceptable.
Thus, the aims of this discussion is:

  1. Identify two factors that can cause flooding.
  2. Discuss why some people would scapegoating and if possible, use any case study to support your argument.

Tags: #CurrentAffairs #NaturalDisaster #Flooding
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[29.12.2015]UK Floods

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