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 Domestic Violence

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PostSubject: Domestic Violence   Sun Jul 24, 2016 11:01 pm

Types of discussion: BOTH informal and formal discussions are welcome. 
***Please read the forum rules before you submit your reply*****
Date: Sunday 24/07/2016
Discussion Type: Informal AND formal
Discussion Subject: Social Science
Discussion Topic: Domestic violence
Discussion Leader: 52L300
Discussion Leader's Contact: OR Visitor Messages (Hyperlink) 
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Domestic violence and child abuse are the dark side of family life. 

The dark side of family life was not discovered until 1970s. 
Before 1970s, most sociologists were functionalists who see family as an important institution from a consensus approach, that is everything exists for a positive function. 
Hence most scholars before 1970s, do not recognised domestic violence as an important aspect in family life and wider society. 

[quote=Scott, John. (2014) From Oxford Dictionary of Sociology]"Specially male violence (physical or psychological) against women, the term was popularised by feminists in the 1970s, some of whom established refuges for battered women, and who argued that domestic violence is a reflection of *gender in inequalities in* power and of women's oppression. More broadly, the term encompasses any violence within the family, although violence against children is usually described specifically as child abuse. Typically, the police have been reluctant to intervene in incidents involving domestic violence, preferring to regard the family as a private realm." [/quote]

Thus, this discussion aims to discuss the following two points: 
1. Your definition of domestic violence.
2. Explain why do you think domestic violence is/is not a major social problem. 

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Domestic Violence
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