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 Our Team's Contact Details

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PostSubject: Our Team's Contact Details   Thu May 12, 2016 12:15 am

Enquiries and/or problemsWho is responsible? 
 Discussion Board
(Any inappropriate posts, inappropriate use of languages.)
 Senior Discussion Leaders
(Roles applications include: discussion leader, ambassador, executive assistants and moderator) 
 All applications will be processed in the 'Help and Contact' section. You will not get any notification from anyone, either it is through visitor message, private message until your application has been finished proceeding. The Discussion Board Team:
- Senior Discussion Leaders

The Administration and Development Team: 
- Executive Assistants 
 Arrange a date for knowledge seminars
(Please arrange it within the Knowledge Seminar section.)
  - Executive Assistants @ The Administration and Development Team 
- Secretary (52L300)
 Knowledge Exchange 
(Any enquiry that aren't about discussion board, knowledge seminars and applications) 
Wall messages: 52L300
If it is a private enquiry, please contact through private messaging (PM)
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Our Team's Contact Details
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