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PostSubject: Introduction   Mon Jun 16, 2014 11:39 pm

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Welcome to

What is 52l300?

'52' simply means 'I love' in Chinese and 'L300' is a code for Sociology in UCAS system.

52l300 was belonging to LORRK, a group develops by a group of 3 students and 2 teachers.

However, 52L300 is now developed by undergraduate students who study different academic subjects, at different universities.

Who are the developers?

**For the sake of confidentiality, we will only provide the username for the developers.**

52L300 (Secretary)

Can I join here?

Yes, of course. Our membership is FREE! All you have to do is to click the registration button and then fill the information in.
Click FAQ for help if you need.

This forum is only suitable for discussion.
Any unacceptable use of language is forbidden.

Date: 16/ 06/ 2014
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